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Core features to help you scale

Effortless payments across any blockchain

Give players the ability to pay with liquidity across any chain in one click

Self-custody MPC wallets

Streamline wallet creation and management with enterprise-grade security

Single login across all games, wallets, devices

Deliver an intuitive login experience with social login providers like Google

Pricing Plans

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For game developers looking for the essentials to help onboard the next wave of gamers into Web3.

  • Authentication with social login
  • Smart wallets on all major chains
  • One-click checkout with on and off ramps
  • Custom dashboard with analytics

Service Fees

SphereOne doesn't charge any spread or transaction fees.

  • Players can enjoy gasless transactions in select games
  • Network of on/off ramp providers gives users the best rate
  • Where applicable, users can deploy smart wallets for free

Open the floodgates to your game with these differentiated features

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