How Qorbi World Found Early Success in Retaining Users and Converting More Payments with SphereOne

Products: Payments, Identity


Founded in 2021, Qorbi World embarked on creating a free-to-play, multi-game ecosystem, bridging esports with blockchain game rewards. 

In 2023, Qorbi World launched the open beta of their highly anticipated game One Tap. One Tap is a first person shooter that delivers an immersive and competitive gaming experience with pet mechanics that can turn the tide of the battle. 


Qorbi World faced a significant hurdle when launching early versions of One Tap. New gamers unfamiliar with blockchain were dropping off due to a complex onboarding process. This fragmentation in user experience presented a major technological challenge, potentially impacting user retention and payment volumes.

Qorbi World's vision for One Tap included a user interface that capitalized on blockchain's strengths - like asset ownership - without overwhelming new users. The challenge was integrating blockchain seamlessly into the gaming experience to keep it intuitive and engaging.


SphereOne's collaboration with Qorbi World focused on two primary solutions:

1. Streamlined Payment Workflow: SphereOne reengineered One Tap's purchase process, introducing a one-click checkout system that merged fiat and crypto payment methods. This approach significantly eased the payment process, encouraging more in-game transactions.

2. Simplified Identity and Login Experience: Leveraging SphereOne's expertise, Qorbi World implemented a familiar login experience using popular social login providers. This move significantly reduced the friction for new and returning players.

The partnership yielded a robust solution, integrating SphereOne's Identity and Payments systems into One Tap in under five weeks.


- User Growth: Post-integration, One Tap witnessed a surge in new users, with the number of wallets created on the platform reaching 140K in just two weeks.

- Global Reach: The integration opened doors to 134 different payment methods across 238 countries and territories.

- Player Flexibility: Gamers received self-custodial and account abstraction wallets, enabling transactions with multiple cryptocurrencies across 15 blockchain networks.

- Enabled on-ramping micro-transactions as low as $0.50, vital for players in emerging markets.

- Integrated $Qorbi token payments, enhancing its utility.

- Supported 19 different social logins, ensuring a consistent experience across devices.

- Achieved 99.90% uptime for login services, underlining reliability.


SphereOne's collaboration with Qorbi World exemplifies how innovative payment and identity solutions can revolutionize the gaming industry, making blockchain accessible to all.

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